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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Polish & American WE?

We are a member based non for profit, voluntary, independent, self sustaining, membership organization. We are devoted to fostering in every way possible innovation and business relations between Poland and the United States.

What type of women are the member of PAWE?

Innovative Professionals, entreprenuers, artists, executives, social impact advocates... Membership is open to all women in Poland and the United States, in all fields of business. Our membership is all about women (and men) lifting each other up, whatever your age, stage, profession or gender.

What are the different types of Polish & American WE memberships?

If your thinking of joining, take a look at our membership levels, and apply for the one that best fits you and your professional needs. Membership can be in the name of an individual (Professional Membership), business enterprise (Corporate Membership) or a young individual (Students membership). Membership is open to all individuals, businesses as well as public and private organizations, who are interested or engaged in women-empowerment or women-led business.

How can Polish & American WE promote my business?

Becoming a member is the best way for us to help you!
You can write an article and submit it to us – we’ll always credit you for the piece and it’s an excellent way to promote yourself. We do receive hundreds of submissions a week and we will be in touch if we’re keen on publishing your work. Send us an email on if you’d like to share your story.
You can take part in sampling opportunities at our events by providing product for our gift bags or prizes for events and competitions. Get in touch with our team.

Next Steps & Payment Information

Once your application has been reviewed and accepted, you will receive a mail with all the payment information.

Please Note: Receipts will be issued. No refunds. All memberships are for 12 calendar months and dues cannot be paid in installments. Please note that your membership dues payments are not tax deductable per IRS rules.

Get Involved

There are a number of ways for you to get involved with the Polish-American WE organization. Contribute: if you’d like to write an article for the website that you think female entrepreneurs would love to read, then please contact our team at with your content ideas or how you’d like to contribute, and we’ll be happy to discuss this with you!

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