Working in the multinational tech company

Malgorzata Kacprzak- Security and Privacy Program Manager at Google, San Francisco. At Google for last 10 years, specializing in ​Engineering program management. Before worked for ​AdWords Policy. ​Building ​products to ensure Google continues to meet its commitments to users and that our data protection practices remain industry leading.​ ​Acting as a champion for user privacy and a consultant to engineering product groups, directly influencing the direction and integration of new acquisitions, partners and projects.​ ​I’m also a career mentor at Google and externally.

You have experience working in both countries, what are the biggest differences while working in Poland and USA?

Especially in Tech, risk taking is a bigger part of the entrepreneurial culture in the USA. It’s accepted that you may fail if you are working on something innovative.

What are the opportunities for entrepreneurship in a large enterprise?

The opportunity for entrepreneurship are part of the risk taking culture. At Google you are expected to undertake something entrepreneurial in order to grow and advance. The opportunities are there for you to create. The companies know they will benefit from supporting this kind of environment.

How do you make sure that Poland/your hometown benefits from your entrepreneurial journey if that journey is mostly ​US?

I try to create opportunities to stay connected. For instance, last summer I made a presentation at my High School to share my career path and encourage students to pursue their educations and interests.

What challenges do women in technology face?

One challenge that is often overlooked is the potential for isolation. When you are the only woman working with the teams of men, you don’t have the benefits of perspectives from other woman.

Is Silicon Valley a good environment for female employees?

Silicon Valley are as diverse as companies and people that work in them. As in any workplace, you have to be aware of what makes an environment suitable to your own style and ambition.

Challenges I faced early on, and how I navigated them…

One challenge I faced early on was the need to be flexible in my roles and the locations where I worked in order to advance in my career. Some of the duties did not seem exciting to a young and ambitious person but the skills I acquired have served me well.

Most exciting part about working in a tech company…

For me the most exciting aspects are constantly changing environments with opportunities to change focus, take on new roles and contribute to teams creating impactful products. Tech companies by their nature are always undergoing change, so they provide the perfect environment to a person whose relishes new situations.  

Ways I stay motivated to achieve my goals…

Working on exciting products and with teams that inspire me keep me motivated. Getting results is rewarding as is sharing the success with the people I work with.

Best advice I received when starting my carrier…

To be the best I can regardless of the task I’m working on. Very early in my career I worked on basic tasks that were assigned to me and I was always doing my best to be excellent. This attitude brought up new, more exciting opportunities and choice for be to decide what I wanted to work on later in my career. I also advise to be patient with the result, I usually stay very long within the teams (4/5 years) which gives me opportunity to get very solid knowledge, rather than switching the topics and things I work on.

What is the proudest achievement of your career?

That I do not have a technical education (I have a master in journalism) and I successfully work with the best Engineers in the world.


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