Nearly 30% of start-ups
in Poland were founded by Women

Investing in female-founded companies

Studies found that companies with higher percentages of women in senior management outperformed companies with lower percentages over a five-year period in terms of share price and higher return on equity (ROE)1,2 Similarly, a Morgan Stanley report found that companies with greater gender diversity delivered higher ROE and lower volatility than their low diversity peers.3 A February 2016 Peterson Institute survey of nearly 22,000 firms from 91 countries found that the presence of female executives is associated with unusually strong firm performance as measured by both gross and net margins.4 And in 2015, a RobecoSAM paper noted that gender diversity and equality contribute to better corporate performance and investment returns.5

The area of women-founded startups is growing, but when compared to the number of ventures founded by men, the figure is considerably lower. Women are still at a disadvantage in many industries, making it difficult for them to find investors and vice versa. We help female entrepreneurs gain the visibility they need to grow their ventures and provide them with a platform to pitch their ideas to their industry. 

Our goal

We encourage women entrepreneurs to be brave, to help them turn ideas into startups and to achieve their ventures’ goals. We support female entrepreneurship by helping women build meaningful, collaborative relationships with investors. We have built a platform developed to assist a growing community of women innovators. From Pitch Summits to networking events and investment opportunities, we are providing female entrepreneurs from the United States and Poland with a platform to connect and learn more from each other as they accelerate and scale their businesses.

Accelerator Program

We work with our Parters to build acceleration programs to help best women-led startups successfully launch in the US and Poland.

Accelarate events. Accelarating your Business, a B2B Tech Solutions allows innovative tech companies to offer short presentations on their latest products and solutions that can help small businesses grow and gain a competitive advantage in their market. This is a win-win, as startups are able to pitch their products to potential business customers so that small business owners are able to learn about the latest tech trends that can help them succeed.

Pitching SessionsWe provide you the opportunity to pitch in front of our experts and investors before you go public and talk to your own potential investors. We have learnt from start-ups’ feedback that this is one of the most crucial skills as experts can easily pick apart a presentation with his/her questions as well as help you see aspects you might not have thought about before. Pitch practice is fundamental to being prepared for any questions that you might be asked. Final Demo Day– the opportunity to present your business in front of industry experts, potential investors and a large audience. 

29% of surveyed startups have a female founder. Bank of America Merrill Lynch, March 7, 2018. View the studyread here


  1. Return on equity measures a corporation’s profitability by revealing how much profit a company generates with the money shareholders have invested.
  2. Credit Suisse, The CS Gender 3000: The Reward for Change, September 2016.
  3. Morgan Stanley, Putting Gender Diversity to Work: Better Fundamentals, Less Volatility, May 2016.
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  5. RobecoSAM, Does corporate gender equality lead to outperformance?, September, 2015.

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