Do you have a global mind?

Globalisation is shaping our world, no matter which area of business.  It’s expanding horizons as trade, technology and investment increasingly connect countries and companies around the globe. People and products move – and ideas spread – faster than ever before.

As the world gets smaller global awareness skills are essential for any career – whether you want to be a banker, a journalist or a charity worker. In fact, many employers see them as a key asset, so they’re well worth developing.

How can you develop your global awareness?

  • You have to travel to world to build global awareness:
  • Read international news publications
  • Follow a broad cross section of social media channels
  • Understand the stock market outside your country
  • Learn the basics of another language
  • Read about a culture different from your own
  • Learn how the global business environment impacts your own country
  • Research trade agreements for your home country
  • Ask people questions about the travels


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