Polish & American Women Summit

Fall 2018
New York City

Polish-American  (#V4WES) in NY is where the future economic ties between

Poland and the United States of America

Conference is a brand of the Polish American WE in Poland and our members companies. We are present at the two largest economic events in USA – in Miami and New York

Polish American WE conference is a great place for meetings and discussions, open to all Congress/Forum participants.

The AmCham Diner serves to mark the role and importance of American investment in Poland and is a venue for discussing important topics in trade, economics, and investment. This project has the largest scope in terms of topics covered and in the dialogue between business and government.
Here you will find:
A popular venue for networking opportunities between AmCham members and business and political influencers from all over the world.
A platform for business and government dialogue
A draw for national and international VIPs
Interviews, panels and programs with leading representatives of government and business
An opportunity for impacting and strategic logo placement
An excellent mix of fun and business with an American twist


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