Designed for babies’ good night’s sleep

Anna Skorzynska is the cofounder of Szumisie/myHummy company. Mother of three children. Graduate in political science, worked as a journalist. Admirer of the trip with family. MyHumming bears are a unique toys produced in Poland, helping babies to fall asleep by brings calming and soothing sounds for babies, so they can have a restful sleep. The toy has won the hearts of parents in many countries across the world.

I was inspired to start the business by….

The inspiration for starting the business was my son and the experience of life as a new mother. My little boy loved falling asleep to noise… specifically that of a hair dryer! Hence, myHummy was born! I wanted the white noise device, the magical part of our toys, hidden discreetly within an adorable, cosy teddy bear that could go on to be any little one’s best friend for years to come.

Challenges I faced early on, and how I navigated them…

My biggest concern at the beginning of the business was whether my idea would actually work. Would humming bears really help children and their parents? Fortunately, it came to light very quickly that the answer to that is a resounding YES! That myHummy does make it easier to fall asleep, that midwives and doctors recommend them, that parents recommend them and the news of myHummy spread like wildfire!

Ways I stay motivated to achieve my goals…

My first big motivation to create myHummy was so that I could have more time with my children. To be with them, and not at work, to experience the most important moments of childhood together. I was also motivated by the fact that this is my own brainchild and if I didn’t go for it, someone else definitely would have and then I would have regretted not taking the plunge for the rest of my life. Along the way I have met so many wonderful people who have helped me, supported and motivated me – I wouldn’t change any of it for the world!

Most exciting part about owning your own business is…

Satisfaction! To have overcome the challenges and to have created something that seriously works! The ability to decide, create and implement my own ideas.

One thing I know now that I wish I knew starting out...

I used to think that owning my own business would mean having a lot more free time – I was quite wrong! Now I know that this is a very high responsibility job, from which there is no holiday.

My best advice for would-be entrepreneurs…

It’s always worth a try. Analyse everything well, calculate thoroughly and listen carefully to those who have already gone through it.

My key to balancing work and being a wife and mother of 3 kids is…

I always know in my heart that my family and my children are the most important things in life. We have our own rhythm which will never be sacrificed for business.

Female entrepreneurs are such an important part of our economy

Companies like ours bring a lot to the business world that is often perceived as a “man’s world”. Women are not given any head starts in this world yet we are able to successfully conquer it with our intellect, ingenuity and elbow grease. And although we may have more duties than men, we still give our all and can boldly compete with them.

My favorite quotation or a person that inspires me the most..

In life, you’ll regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did, even if they went wrong.

As an entrepreneur, you should never be afraid of…

In business, don’t be afraid to develop and grow, challenge yourself and listen to those who are wiser, they tell you these things for a reason.



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