Welcome to Polish & American WE, network for professional women

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New York City Council
"Polish and American WE is an active contributor to the development of economic, commerical, and financial relations between the United States and Poland"
- Corey Johnson
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Ministry of Entrepreneurship & Technology
"By taking together female innovators, professionals and business-owners from Poland and United States, this initiative creates an opportunity for a dialogue led by the real Entrepreneurial Excellence from Poland and the US"
- Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz

The Polish & American Women Entrepreneurs
(WE) is a leading network
for professional women.
Polish and American WE is a registered 501(c)(3) not-profit organization based in New York City. Focused on advancement and empowerment of women in the United States and in Poland. We connect women innovators, professionals and business-owners in both countries to develop their international careers and grow their businesses. Our unique platform delivers transatlantic visibility to various projects and initiatives, startups and businesses. We support our members with access to resources, educational programs, networking & mentoring opportunities and many more – all to empower women, so they can grow locally and expand internationally.

Polish and American WE together with our Partners in both countries advocates for women-led businesses, investing in girls in STEM, achieving pay parity and more. The Polish & American WE is supported fully by membership dues and sponsorship agreements. Our members represent a diverse range of cultures, ethnic backgrounds, industries, and interests, but most of all they all share a distinctly innovative spirit.

Honorary Board Member

Jadwiga Emilewicz

Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology

Advisory Board

Christopher Ball

Director of the Central European Institute at Quinnipiac University

Maja Kieturakis

Bureau Chief, San Francisco, Polish Investment and Trade Agency

Meet the leadership Team

Our community is headed by a pro-bono, hands-on team of passionate contributors with multi-cultural business expertise.

Agata Golubiewska

President & CEO

Barbara Janas

VP of the Board

Joanna Szaban

Projects Coordinator

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