Founding a make-up removal revolution

How did you come up with the idea of your business?

I have never really liked removing my makeup. I always dreamed about the product that would simplify this whole makeup removing and cleansing process. I remember that night when I was going to sleep and I run out of cotton pads or chemical liquid to remove my makeup. This situation motivated me to brainstorm myself to come up with something that would become the best makeup remover in the world. So I wanted to solve my own daily problem. And then when I was doing a business analysis as my background is business and management I understood that every woman in the world has exactly the same problem. This is how GLOV has been created.

What were the biggest challenges you had to face and how did you manage to overcome them?

The biggest challenge was to do business without knowing how to do it. Everybody who starts something has to learn on own mistakes. Me and my business partner Ewa, we always asked our friends that were specialising in certain fields to help us with different business topics. Sometimes we needed help in logistics or ecommerce or branding. This is how we were limiting the risk of doing mistakes. It’s important to have mentors and have a possibility to ask them for help.

Is the cosmetic industry very competitive in Poland, how would you describe it?

In my opinion there is still space for new brands and products on the Polish market. Especially when I compare it to other markets like the US, where in stores you have products for everything. Also the variety of different brands is super impressive comparing to Poland. In the US brands are well segmented and marketed. Polish cosmetic market should more respond to recent trends and not be afraid to brake the standards and offer something completely new. I think Polish companies copy too much foreign concepts instead of being more creative especially that the quality of the cosmetics produced in Poland are super high quality. It’s just missing this international marketing level. But it’s changing and we have brands like YOPE, GLOV, ZEW or DELETE makeup that brake those standards.

Where do you sell your products and what are your plans for the further growth of GLOV?

We sell GLOV in more than 50 countries. We have a coverage in the most prestigious cosmetic chains all over the world. I think no one from the Polish cosmetic industry developed that extensive and fast distribution as we did. It was possible because of super innovative product that removes makeup with water only and the fact we don’t need any registration as a cosmetic when we enter each country. We have clients such as Marrionnaud. Sephora, Ricky’s, QVC, Debenhams, Boots, Aelia and many many more. In the future we will be shifting towards eCommerce business as we see huge potential in reaching to clients all over the world faster and directly. I want to have more control over the business, as with offline channels we struggle often with human factor mistakes.

Why do you think Polish women are such great leaders and entrepreneurs?

Poland is a woman and we are famous for being super organisers in everything. Family, business… name it, Polish woman will handle everything no matter what. I think that sometimes we do way much more than we should. We have it in our culture that woman is a non-official head of a family. And I think that being a mother equals to 3 full time jobs so when they start doing their business it’s quite easy for them to run it successfully.

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