USA-Central Europe Women in Business Summit!

October 17, 2019. New York City


Polish & American Women of the year


Inspirational Women
Polish & American WE supported by the former no.1 Tennis Player-
Caroline Wozniacki
There is an interesting correlation between the commitment it takes to be a world-class athlete and the commitment it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, something very apparent in Caroline Wozniacki's journey to tennis stardom. The entrepreneur's journey, like a tennis star's, is a rollercoaster ride, full of ups and downs. It's consistent with the learning, development and determination it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur.


Growing my business- myHummy Teddy Bears in Europe and the US

Anna Skórzyńska stumbled upon the idea behind her company myHummy when she discovered an unorthodox way of helping her young son sleep – the humming of a hair dryer...

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