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Become part of a world-class network of women-leaders in the United States and Poland. Reach for new opportunities and connect with like-minded female professionals & entrepreneurs in both countries.

Celebrating Women's Innovation in Science, Art, Technology & Business

Poland is an emerging hub of women-led innovation and entrepreneurship building on the legacy of such great women as Marie Sklodowska-Curie, Helena Rubinstein, Pola Negri, Tamara Lempicka and many other role models for innovators and leaders.

Invest in the Next Generation of Women

If you are committed to investing in the next generation of female unicorns, we can connect you with innovators from both countries.

Warsaw a city for Women Entrepreneurs

Warsaw is the capital of the sixth most populous country in the European Union. It has been chosen as one of the 50 cities with the ability to attract and support high potential women entrepreneurs (HPWE).

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Polish and American WE. Platform for entrepreneurs in both countries. Building bridges for women entrepreneurs, international network, female businesses, start-ups, network

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Unlock new opportunities. We empower female entrepreneurs to develop their business
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We close the funding gap by supporting women in gaining access to capital

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